Дифрактометър XRDynamics 500
Дифрактометър XRDynamics 500
Дифрактометър XRDynamics 500
Дифрактометър XRDynamics 500 Дифрактометър XRDynamics 500
Дифрактометър XRDynamics 500
Дифрактометър XRDynamics 500
Дифрактометър XRDynamics 500

Дифрактометър XRDynamics 500


XRDynamic 500 drives unbeatable XRD data quality with maximum efficiency. Enjoy the benefits of a versatile platform covering a wide variety of applications with optimal solutions for powder XRD, non-ambient XRD, PDF analysis, SAXS, and more.  Intuitive to use, with fully automated optics and alignment routines, it allows everyone, from novices to experts, to collect top-quality XRD data quickly while minimizing errors. XRDynamic 500: Driving XRD.
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XRDynamic 500’s TruBeam™ concept combines a large goniometer radius, an evacuated beam path, and fully automated X-ray optics/beam geometry change. Measure an array of samples with varied instrument configurations assisted by intuitive software with optimized workflows. Achieve best-in-class resolution (FWHM <0.021° for 1st LaB₆ standard peak) with a standard Bragg-Brentano configuration. Enjoy a great signal-to-noise ratio with up to 50 % less measurement background and minimal parasitic air scattering. Quickly reconfigure for optimized non-ambient XRD experiments or SAXS measurements with the quality of a dedicated SAXS instrument.

Technical specifications

X-ray source
Source type Primux 3000
X-ray generator Up to 3 kW
Tube voltage / current 20 kV to 60 kV / 2 mA to 50 mA
Configuration Vertical Theta/Theta geometry
Measurement radius 360 or 400 mm
Maximum usable angular range -95° – 162.5° 2theta
Minimum step size 0.0001°
2theta linearity ≤0.01°
Maximum angular speed 15 °/sec
Maximum angular resolution 0.021° (FWHM of 1st LaB₆ peak)
Sample stages and attachments
Ambient sample stages Fixed sample stage
Sample spinner stage (reflection/transmission)
XY stage (with autosampler option)
Capillary spinner stage
EVAC module
Non-ambient attachments HTK 1200N
HTK 16N/2000N
TTK 600
XRK 900
CHC plus⁺
BTS 150/500
Detectors Solid-state hybrid pixel detectors:
  • Pixos 1000 detector (0D mode)
  • Pixos 2000 detector (0D and 1D mode)
  • Pixos 2000 CdTe detector (0D and 1D mode) for high-energy X-rays
  • XRDdrive: system control and data acquisition software
  • XRDanalysis: data processing and analysis software for qualitative and quantitative phase analysis, microstructure analysis, and Rietveld refinement
General specifications
Exterior dimensions (width x depth x height) 1350 mm x 1160 mm x 1850 mm
Weight (not including optional accessories) 750 kg
Power supply 3-Phase: 3/N/PE AC 400/230 V, 50…60 Hz, 25 A
1-Phase: 208…240 VAC, 50…60 Hz, 36 A
Maximum power consumption
(without additional controllers for optional equipment)
5.5 kW
Cooling water supply Flow rate: > 3.6 L/min,   Pressure: 4.5 – 6 bar, Temperature: < 25 °C