Ultrapyc 3000/5000 Series
Ultrapyc 3000/5000 Series
Ultrapyc 3000/5000 Series
Ultrapyc 3000/5000 Series
Ultrapyc 3000/5000 Series
Ultrapyc 3000/5000 Series Ultrapyc 3000/5000 Series
Ultrapyc 3000/5000 Series
Ultrapyc 3000/5000 Series
Ultrapyc 3000/5000 Series
Ultrapyc 3000/5000 Series
Ultrapyc 3000/5000 Series

Ultrapyc 3000/5000 Series


Ultra-simple and ultra-precise

We understand that you handle many measurement technologies, sample types, and responsibilities during your laboratory workday. Instruments that have complicated analysis routines and clutter valuable workspace are not welcome.

The Ultrapyc series of gas pycnometers is the solution for you. We have combined decades of knowledge in producing fast, accurate, and reliable solid density measurement with groundbreaking innovations and a state-of-the-art graphical user interface to create the most user-friendly gas pycnometer on the market today. Whether you analyze cements, pharmaceuticals, catalysts, ceramics, fine powders, polymers, or foams – solid density measurement has never been more simple or more precise.

АНАЛИЗАТОРИ ЗА ПЛЪТНОСТ НА ТВЪРДИ ПРОДУКТИ \ ХИМИЯ - Неорганични химикали \ ХИМИЯ - Органични химикали \ ХИМИЯ - Полимери, Еластомери \ ОБРАЗОВАНИЕ/НАУКА - Институти, университети \ ОБРАЗОВАНИЕ/НАУКА - Контролни и изпитвателни лаборатории и институции \ ХИМИЯ - Агрохимикали \ ФАРМАЦИЯ – Лекарствени препарати

Основни функции


TruPyc for unmatched accuracy across the widest range of sample amounts

All Ultrapyc devices have multiple reference chamber sizes that ensure optimal gas reference performance of all sample amounts. Whether you are using the largest or the smallest sample cell size on your instrument, you will receive results with the highest level of accuracy. When you select the sample cell size for your measurement, the instrument automatically selects and uses the appropriate reference chamber. 

TruLock lid closure for absolute repeatability

The two-piece sample chamber lid was specifically designed to be easy to use and ensure consistent sample chamber closure. This allows Ultrapyc to achieve a consistent sample chamber volume – the key to ultra-precision. Furthermore, Ultrapyc is maintenance-free, you only need to screw and unscrew with two turns and then you are good to start the measurement.  

PowderProtect technology for safely measuring fine powders

Using the standard "sample first" expansion direction ensures that you always have control over the maximum pressure to which the sample is exposed during the measurement. Switching the unit to PowderProtect mode reverses this order and eliminates the possibility of contaminating your instrument with fine powders. The Ultrapyc 5000 series is the only gas pycnometer on the market that offers you the option to operate in both directions.


Precise, fast, and hassle-free temperature control

External water baths for temperature control are a thing of the past! Cut the clutter with the state-of-the-art Peltier temperature control offering temperature stability better than +/-0.05 °C on Ultrapyc 5000 pycnometers. You are assured quick temperature stabilization and you can rely on your samples always being measured at precisely the right temperature irrespective of your environmental conditions.


Intuitive user interface for fast instrument handling

Ultrapyc instruments feature a user interface similar to a smartphone on their 7-inch touchscreen. The graphical overview of the measurement process keeps you informed about the measuring progress at all times. In addition to that, the instrument itself is all you need to perform a measurement and clearly see the result with all its details. The fact that you don’t need an extra computer saves precious lab bench space. 


Direct connection to weighing balances

You can eliminate the risk of transcription errors while manually entering data from an external balance by connecting your Ultrapyc directly to any balances with a RS232 interface for direct data transfer





Техническа Спецификация

  Ultrapyc 3000 Ultrapyc 5000 Ultrapyc 5000 Foam Ultrapyc 5000 Micro
  Базов модел Включва вграден контрол на температурата и режим PowderProtect Включва вграден контрол на температурата, режим PowderProtect и режим за пенести материали Включва вграден контрол на температурата и режим PowderProtect
Вграден контрол на температурата Не 10 °C до 50 °C 10 °C до 50 °C 10 °C до 50 °C
TruPyc технология Да Да Да Да
PowderProtect режим Не Да Да Да
Методи и изчисления на пенести материали  Не Не Да Не
Точно измерване на следните количества проба (cm³) 4.5 до 135 4.5 до 135 4.5 до 135 0.025 до 4.5