Атомно-силов микроскоп: Tosca™ 400
Атомно-силов микроскоп: Tosca™ 400
Атомно-силов микроскоп: Tosca™ 400
Атомно-силов микроскоп: Tosca™ 400 Атомно-силов микроскоп: Tosca™ 400
Атомно-силов микроскоп: Tosca™ 400
Атомно-силов микроскоп: Tosca™ 400
Атомно-силов микроскоп: Tosca™ 400

Атомно-силов микроскоп: Tosca™ 400


The pioneer of AFM in industrial environments

Tosca™ 400 uniquely combines a premium technology with simple and user-friendly operation, which makes this AFM fit for industrial users as well as scientists. Automation is an integral element on every level of operation, increasing efficiency and simplifying the handling of your AFM measurements.

Discover how your material performs – with peak performance AFM.

Overcoming entry barries for Tosca™ 400

Furthermore, in order to establish Tosca™ 400 and overcome entry barriers, in addition to the price change we shall offer the following services free of charge for every sold instrument:

        - Application support voucher for up to 10 different samples 
        - 3 customer trainings vouchers for every new Tosca™ 400 customer
        - Extended warranty for 3 years for every sold Tosca™ 400
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Enjoy great orientation skills: Automatic laser alignment

A very important but also complex step when performing AFM measurements is the laser alignment. This can be quite time-consuming, not only but especially for inexperienced users. Therefore, Tosca™ 400 provides a fully automatic laser alignment function: After loading the cantilever onto the actuator body and the actuator body onto the AFM head, the instrument carries out the laser alignment automatically after just two clicks in the control software.

Get the whole view: Large scan area in all directions combined with highest accuracy

The X-Y scan range of up to 100 μm covers a wide range of applications. The X-Y scan location can be regulated very easily by the click-and-move navigation of the Tosca™ control software. Accurate positioning and scanning of your sample is guaranteed. 

With a Z range of 15 μm, it is possible to acquire surface topographies in such a wide X-Y area and perform roughness analysis on such a large Z scale.

Move forward: The easiest engagement procedure on the AFM market

The engagement procedure brings the sample surface in contact with the cantilever. This is one of the most complex procedures when operating an AFM. Tosca™ 400 overcomes this problem by implementing a side-view camera. With the camera you can track the exact position of the cantilever with regards to the surface and move the cantilever close to the surface. Then you can start the automatic engagement procedure in the software and within seconds the cantilever touches the surface of the sample and is ready for scanning. 

Go your own way: Compatible with any kind of cantilever

There are many different cantilevers and brands on the market – Tosca™ 400 allows you to use your favorite one. Just put the actuator body and the cantilever into the cantilever exchange tool, slide it back and find the cantilever of your choice in an optimal position for your next measurement. There is no need to use tweezers for positioning the tiny cantilever into position anymore – you now have the perfect tool for fast and safe cantilever exchange. 

Let Tosca™ 400 guide you: State-of-the-art sample navigation

After loading and initializing Tosca™ 400, you can start an overview image of the whole sample table. With only one mouse-click on the desired position inside the overview image, the instrument navigates the sample to the area of choice for the next measurement. This navigation is also available in the micro view. The navigation is triggered fully automatically by clicking into the picture of the integrated video microscope. In this way you can even navigate to small features very easily.

X-Y scan range 100 µm x 100 µm
Z scan range 15 µm
Sample size
Max. sample diameter 90 mm
Max. sample height 25 mm
Max. sample weight 600 g
Motorized stage
X-Y stage 100 mm travel
Z stage 85 mm travel
Position repeatability (uni-directional) <1 µm
Video microscope
Camera Color, 5 megapixel, CMOS sensor
Field of view 1.73 mm x 1.73 mm
Spatial resolution 5 µm
Focus Motorized focus
Overview camera
Camera Color, 5 megapixel, CMOS sensor
Field of view 40 mm x 40 mm
Spatial resolution 50 µm
Side-view camera
Side-view camera Black and white, range of view 25 mm
Standard modes
Imaging Contact mode, tapping mode (including phase image), lateral force microscopy
AFM unit
Dimensions 490 mm x 410 mm x 505 mm
Weight AFM unit 51.1 kg
Dimensions (D x W x H) of controller 340 mm x 305 mm x 280 mm
Weight of controller 7.8 kg